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Why your site traffic isn’t converting to sales

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Stop me if this sounds familiar, you’re getting website traffic, but not converting this traffic into sales. You don’t have enough qualified leads. You don’t have enough brand awareness amongst their target audience. You have a high amount of customers that have abandoned their cart.

Why should a high quality service that’s purely focused on ROI cost more? It’s an investment into your business, which I’m sure you’ve made many. It can’t be guaranteed of course, but from my 10+ years’ experience Facebook and Instagram advertising is the only aspect of marketing that you should be focusing on.

If you want inexpensive, actionable, real time trackable, real time editable, omnipresence to over billions. That’s why I shudder a bit when I see a small online company that wants to grow advertising in a magazine… an expensive waste of money but hey, seeing your company in a magazine, it’s an ego boost right?

The ecommerce store Asos implemented Facebook ads and saw a 35% increase in people reached, 3X increase in orders and a 2.5X increase in return on ad spend.

I’ve been in the industry for ten years, I’ve tried organic posting, boosting posts, getting tens of thousands of likes, high engagement numbers on my posts… and the reason my agency, TDMC, solely concentrate on one aspect of digital marketing, is that Facebook and Instagram ads is the one that actually brings in ROI.

Funnily enough, all the other aspects of digital marketing (SEO, social media management, Google ads) are easier for me. Hell i could even outsource it, it’d be easier to pitch, it would cost less, so I'd be able to get more clients. However, they are not sustainable lead generating methods, because after three months you would see a negative ROI, not a positive one.

I know, as a small business owner, that branding, and awareness are important, but generating revenue for a cash hungry business trumps everything, and FB ads are the are the way to generate revenue.

This is where I come in. I will help them remarket to their ‘abandoned cart’ audience and I will help get them more customers by targeting their database on FB, target lookalike audiences and audiences with specific interests, as well as defining and targeting their target market demographics.

And the beauty is that I will be able to find your current database, your abandoned cart and complete website traffic all on social media and google. I will also be able to, because i have many times before, find your target audience, that are hiding in plain sight.

I know exactly how to position ads, the ad copy that converts best, the demographics, locations and placements of the ads as well as the conversion and nurturing funnel. I’ve done my research, and that’s why I'm confident I can get you results after the initial 3 month period.

See more in our case study here.

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