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Why you’re wasting money on SEO

If you're spending a cent on SEO, you're wasting your money.

SEO is such an old, outdated strategy. It's also extremely expensive, slow and too competitive.

If this were the 1990s... then yes, SEO is the best around and I'd berate you for not implemneting it.

But two decades have pasted, and there are better ways to get sales for your website, that cost less and take less time.

It will take an SEO expert 1- 3 years to get you ranking number one - and that all depends on your industry and keywords. An SEO expert can charge $50,000+ a year.

How do you track SEO progress on a monthly basis? - By sales? Revenue? No, by ranking higher month on month - which is a vanity metric, just like likes on Facebook and as small business know, this does not pay the bills.

Ok, so after 1 - 3 years, and $50,000 - $150,000 you can be ranking high on Google. Great right?

Not exactly, passive audience versus proactive audience.

SEO and Adwords expects people to know exactly what they’re searching for, do they even know that they have a need for it yet?

Where as, if you go straight to your target market, in a stealthy way, in their spare time, you win!

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