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Top Digital Marketing Company



Are you disappointed in your digital marketing?

Stop wasting your time and hard earned money on ineffective digital marketing campaigns.

It's time to make your digital marketing budget count, scale your B2B startups & SMEs and dramatically increase your client acquisiton & MRR.

What What we do do

What we do

Top Digital Marketing Company (TDMC) help B2B startups & SMEs scale their MRR through digital marketing.

The company was founded by Dara, who has over a decade and a half of B2B digital marketing experience.


Our honest and transparent digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver a personal, passionate and tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small, established or startup.


We strongly believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to B2B startups & SMEs. If you want clear, honest and tangible results online with the opportunity to learn how they’re achieved then get in touch now to see how we can help.

We specialise in just one service for just one niche. This means that we have a better knowledge of the space than 99% of other agencies that spread themselves too thin.


If you want to work with an agency that will give you a daily breakdown of how much marketing budget was spent, how much was made and what your net profit was - then I suggest you schedule in a call.

"Dara has been amazing to work with, his communication and knowledge has been first class and it's early days in our LinkedIn campaign so far but results have been great and we are looking forward to continuing the partnership long into the future. Would recommend hiring Dara for your next marketing project."

- Philip (B2B SME)

"Dara is a real gem, super communicative, very easy to work with and results so far have been amazing. We are using him for paid LinkedIn services which he is a real gun at. Looking forward to hiring Dara again in the near future."

- Adam (B2B SME)

"Great to work with Dara. After a quick conversation, he created strong ad copy using our brand voice within 24 hours."

- Rob (B2B SME)

"Excellent worker, first class service, first class knowledge and help to guide us to results. Highly recommend."

- Jimmy (B2B SME)

"Highly recommend working with Dara, responsive, proactive and knowledgeable,"

- (B2B SME)

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FAO: Established, Exasperated B2B Startup & SMEs

   B2B Startup & SME clients that booked a free audit:

Australia’s most trusted logistics software.

Helps more than 20,000 businesses increase their organic traffic & sales with ratings, photo reviews and social proof.

Helps brands use data to strengthen their products online performance and maximise conversions at every stage of the consumer journey.

Providing and delivering renewable energy projects to businesses across the UK.

Independent book publisher.

Providing add on solutions for Sage CRM.

Simplifies complex analytic, benchmarking and planning processes, to deliver real-time, easy-to-understand business insights.

Makes bespoke code-free bot templates for students of trading educators to quickly learn how to trade their strategy and follow the trading rules.

Livestock monitoring sensors.

Software end-to-end engineering & technology consulting business.

Profitable ad campaigns like these.

Startup lent us $1 we gave $10 back.

Marketing for startups is very simple. If you are able to create an emotional connection, you will be able to see ROAS like these. We focused on using short, pain point focused copy with engaging UGC videos. 

Untitled design - 2021-05-31T112654_586_.png
Untitled design - 2021-05-31T112654_586_.png

Generating a 661% return for a B2B SMB.

Working with B2B SMBs is always a joy for the team. We focused on using key USP's to outperform their main competitors. We focused on narrow and specific audiences to enable us space to scale.

 Many faces, but only one mission: 

To scale your B2B Startup & SME via paid traffic.




When You Book Your Free Audit You'll Get...


An action plan.

Creating an action plan that focuses on improving brand awareness, increasing traffic of SQLs, and optimizing website conversions


A second opinion.

Identify the main leaks in your ecosystem, and learn how to fix them immediately, risk-free.


An honest answer.

Find out if your brand should use digital paid traffic as a scaling method. Only a small percentage of brands should be investing in paid traffic. Are you one of them?


Book a 15 minute chat with our founder, Dara.

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F R E E  C A S E  S T U D Y:

"How we consistently generate revenue for our
B2B Startup & SME clients"

Discover the best practices for copywriting, creatives and targeting.

Why you need to 'plug the holes’ in your sales process before you can drive traffic.


Get the Ultimate Holiday

Sales Calendar 👇🏻

Delivered to your inbox instantly.

Profitable B2B Startup & SME ads!

We donate a % of clients' fees to charity.
For a few thousand dollars we can save or improve someone's life in the developing world. We donate to The GiveWell Maximum Impact Fund - known internationally as one of the most top rated charity funds.

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