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Proposal for César & Iristrace

What we do:
We help SaaS businesses just like Iristrace acquire new clients rapidly and predictably by filling their pipeline with qualified prospects.

How we do it:
1) Learn about your target customer, build a customer persona and build a list of your dream customers.

2) Craft compelling messaging that’ll leave your dream customers jumping out of their chairs to chat with you.

3) Email your dream clients and get them booked onto calls with you.

How does this work?
We start with a deep dive into your ideal prospect, learning about them, and understanding why they want what you sell.

Then we gather contacts of individuals who match your customer persona, only taking high-quality personal contact information, no info@ or support@ information.

We write 2-4 email sequences to your prospects and actively test to find what works the fastest.

Emails are sent using smart and safe automation so we have accurate data and wickedly efficient operations.

Responses are received and worked onto your calendar.

From here we revise and make sure everything is as efficient and effective as possible.

​Service Includes: 

- Prospect list building & validation

- Manually verified leads

- First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Job Title, Website, Personal LinkedIn Profile

- Custom to your list, never recycled

- Personal contacts, never generic emails

- Market research

- Campaign strategy

- Domain setup

- Email warm up

- Script writing and testing

- Campaign management

- Weekly reporting

- No contract

- No minimum period

Our Zoom Recording:

Client Testimonials:




1000 leads: $2,000
2000 leads: $3,500
3000 leads: $4,750

Have Further Questions?

Book a Q&A call with Dara:

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