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BONUS: How to increase aov & conversions

1. Increase AoV

A neat way to help increase your average order value (AoV) is to install and set up funnels on an app called 'One Click Upsell'. This allows you to add up-sells and cross-sells that we've used to increase the AoV of all of our clients. We have usually seen a 25-30% instant lift in revenue by implementing those new offers on websites. Use the (relevant) button below to install the app.

2. Best seller page

If you don't have one already, another simple way to increase AoV is to create a collection page with all the best-selling items sorted by popularity e.g.

3. UGC post purchase email

User generated content (UGCs) are by far the best type of creatives for ads, emails and organic social media posts. So we strongly encourage you to obtain as many UGCs as possible. To aid you in this, please find below a post-purchase email template that we wrote specifically for collecting UGCs. 

4. UGC - the professional way

To get UGCs quickly and done by professionals, then I highly recommend using Billo to do so. It's essentially a jobs board of 'influencers' ready to record a high quality video review for you at a very reasonable price. Use the button below to register your account.

5. Check your page speed

53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes 3 seconds or more to load. Use the Google Page Speed Insights tool to check your site’s performance, and get recommended improvements.

6. Hotjar poll set up

For when someone is about to leave your site (without purchasing), you can enable a small pop-up in the bottom corner of the site asking ‘What is ONE THING you want to know about our products that our website is missing’

7. Post purchase survey

Here's another way to garner more information on who is buying your products and why. With this information we can then pin-pint target similar people. ‘What nearly stopped you from purchasing today?’ or ‘Why did you buy this product?’

8. Ecommerce CRO (conversion rate optimisation) bible

This is a must! We've gone ahead and created a full document covering best practices for ecommerce stores. And then I went one step further and recorded a twelve part video series. I guarantee you'll learn aspects that will help you improve the conversion rates of your site.

9. Misc. recommended apps

  • Postscript / SMS Bump - Text Message Marketing

  • Okendo - Social Proof (Reviews)

  • Recharge - ecommerce checkout/subscription platform

  • Octane - FB Messenger outreach

  • Gorgias - Chat Support platform

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