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2019 Case Study video (updated version coming soon)

How my agency helps serious e-commerce businesses scale aggressively

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Dominate your competition

Top digital marketing company's mission is to become the world’s most results-driven ecommerce digital marketing agency and to erase the “I've been burnt in the past” conversation that all founders have. 


Client Testimonials

Fiercely, ramping isn't brain surgery and it can be achieved, profitably, in 3 months or less...

Become your industry goliath

Every industry has that one goliath that is routinely stealing the market share, MoM increasing profits and attacking your margins. Have you ever realised that you could quite easily take down your industry goliath and replace their position? We've seen clients dominate their competitors simply because they can acquire a sale for cheaper (consequently, more profitable) than anyone else in their industry. As a byproduct, once we ramp up the monthly ad spend we put our clients in pole position and eventually they become the industry leader who everyone in their market naturally gravitates too. thus, increasing market share and consequently organic marketing via word of mouth etc. When you can confidently generate a cpa (cost per acquisition) / cpp (cost per purchase) for a price that makes sense to your specific margins and you couple that with a scaling strategy that actually converts, you too can become your industry goliath. we turn our clients into industry leaders and industry goliaths. 

Creative direction for ultimate conversion

The two biggest levers you can pull for ecomm are 1. creative and 2. copy. if those two components are operating at the highest possible level then it's very difficult to not be hyper profitable at a severe scale. so we also offer clients, creative direction that's designed for ultimate conversion. we pull the raw assets from your end (the physical image, video, gif etc) and we elevate its performance by turning it into a high converting asset. things like additional graphic design, cohesive but effective video editing etc will be applied to your raw assets so we can squeeze as much revenue out of each creative as humanly possible. because after all, creative is the biggest lever we can pull followed by expertly written copy.

Add an extra $10K+ to your monthly bottom line

The quickest way to ramp any brand is via aggressive paid traffic. we help our clients add an extra $10k+ to their monthly bottom lines by running hyper profitable campaigns that slice through the industry noise, cut deep inside your ideal customer, and motivate them to buy and at which point (given your customer experience is down packed) they turn into a brand enthusiast and have a high return rate. a 3x return on ad spend per year becomes very achievable when you pair a high converting paid traffic funnel (funnel structure, seamlessly combined copy and creative, avatar driven targeting and correctly structured paid traffic campaigns) which was detailed in the video above, with a product that has strong usps and a high product-market-fit.

Slice through the noise

Instead of your ads accumulating negative comments and having scary low conversion rates, we only run ads that get potential customers deeply excited about your product and offering. We craft ads that strike a nerve within your ideal customer and make them smile because we've spoken so deeply to their current situation (instead of negative comments, we see comments like "are you guys reading my mind?" or "i feel like you're in my house right now!" on our client ads). It's this nature of advertising that enables us to generate multiple hundreds of thousands per month for our clients after ad cost. agencies nowadays get so hung up on the technicalities of advertising, that they forget about the actual concepts that make people buy. The typical 3 line piece of copy doesn't cut it anymore and it 100% will not enable you to even scratch your industry goliath, never mind taking them down and replacing them. The only ads that cut through the noise and have a 2% + view to conversion rate are the ads that strike a deep nerve and leave potential customers with no other option than to buy your product. they're the only ads we run. 

Ice cold stranger to brand enthusiast

The amount of time, energy and resources it takes to turn an ice cold stranger into a brand enthusiast is mind numbingly high. and so, if your brand isn't ubiquitous amongst current customers and potential customers, the amount of money you'll be leaving on the table is spine chilling. In the past, we've had clients where we only ran retargeting ads for the first 30 days and we brought in over $10k return on ad spend (after ad cost). So in reality, you would be leaving upwards of $10k a month on the table if your brand isn't strategically ubiquitous. why? because not every potential customer will convert from the first interaction they have with your brand. That's just human nature. As we build familiarity with someone or something, we instantly become more accustomed to what they have to offer or what they have to say. This is why having a chronological and methodical funnel that we inject with paid traffic enables us to easily add an extra $10k to our clients’ monthly bottom line. 

Turning $x into $(x*4, 5, 6+)

Advertising only makes up for around 60% of successful advertising. What this means is that no agency or marketer can get any and every ecomm brand, or business for that matter, top tier results. why? Because things like product-market-fit, sales process conversion rate (spcr), irresistible offers, product quality, strong customer service, etc. all need to be evident in order to see any noticeable results with paid advertising. Now, we cannot help with product-market-fit and product quality. if they aren't evident within your business, then you have bigger problems than we can solve. However, things like spcr, irresistible offers and backend remarketing strategies are things we 100% help clients with. Our highest converting clients have everything from spcr, product-market-fit, backend remarketing, irresistible offers and product quality in place along with unmatched advertising. we will ensure all those component are in place within your brand so we can turn $x into $(x*4, 5, 6+).

Who is this for?

  • Founders who feel as though they are plateauing and can't break through the inflection point.

  • Founders who aren't experiencing a healthy MoM increase year round (or feel as though they could have a higher MoM growth rate). 

  • Founders that are tired of working with agencies that promise the world and deliver nothing.

  • Founders who are deeply seeking to become the industry leader and flatten competition.


Sound like you?

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