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Proposal for Calliper

What we do:
We specialise in targeting your specific professional audience through effective B2B advertising on LinkedIn.

Linkedin ads are great for B2B SaaS companies because they offer a highly targeted audience of professionals, including business decision makers and influencers.

LinkedIn's platform allows for sophisticated targeting based on job title, company size, industry, and more.

This makes it an effective way to reach the right people with relevant messages and drive qualified lead
s to your site.

Additionally, LinkedIn is known for having a high level of user engagement, which can lead to increased brand awareness and better results for ad campaigns.

How we do it:
We craft engaging ads and take advantage of the dynamic ad features offered by LinkedIn.

Our ads are tailored to the profile data of LinkedIn users, resulting in optimised conversion rates.

How does this work?

1. Planning & Research 
The foundation of successful LinkedIn ad campaigns is thorough planning, preparation, and research.

We collaborate with your team to identify your goals and develop a strategy that will achieve them.

2. Account Management
Our team of LinkedIn marketing experts will be managing your project.

You will have your own dedicated account manager but you will also be supported by the rest of our team.

3. Optimisation & Reporting
We continuously strive for improved results by proactively optimising your campaigns.

To ensure full transparency, we provide detailed weekly reports for your review:

1. A video recording of inside the
LinkedIn ads manager every Monday.
2. A weekly executive summary every Thursday.
3. A strategy session call over Zoom every other week.
24/7 communication on your own dedicated Slack channel.

Your dedicated account manager will always be available to answer any questions you may have.



Please note this targeting is based on our brief call. Based on your input and our A/B testing, we will create multiple audiences to go even more narrow, broad, remove, add, or exclude.

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Ad Results:

Based on LinkedIn's estimate and the information I received on our call, below is a very conservative projection of our ad results.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 17.18.43.png

Our Zoom Recording:

Client Testimonials:


Have Further Questions?

Book a Q&A call with Dara:

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